The Ovation Awards and I.

I made a mistake today.

And, this blog being a pseudo-journal/confessional for me as well as communications tool and general writing outlet, I figure, why not explore it here. Teach me not to make similar mistakes again. 🙂

80th Academy Awards
Not those awards.

The mistake? I didn’t attend The Ovation Awards. I’m not entirely certain why. I hadn’t heard they were coming up until a week or so ago, and then I never gave the awards ceremony much thought, despite having castmates up for big awards, even a show I was in, up for an award. Why? Half-hearted reasons of only having arrived in town in September and only having been involved in one eligible show for the whole year (and not having seen others)… but the truth is, I just didn’t think about it. Didn’t come to much of a decision. So path of least resistance took over, and after a dinner out with castmates, I went home for the evening.

When I moved back to Vancouver, one of my prime goals was to connect with the theatre community here. A big city can be a lonely place without friends to share it with. And I have done that, in many ways. I am happy with the connections I have made thus far. Heck, just yesterday I made a new friendly acquaintance from chatting about a play reading we both attended. And I DID go out for lunch/dinner with castmates today, after rehearsal. But this awards ceremony would have complimented that goal. A place to cheer on newfound friends in their triumphs and whatnot. So yes, I’m kicking myself, pity party and whatnot, and all that. Heck, I even had a ticket given to me at one point, but I don’t feel bad at all for letting Ryan take the seat. 🙂

So, what did you learn?

There’s a reason I plunge myself into this self-reflection, and it’s not to kick myself for the sake of kicking myself. Grew out of that habit a long time ago. Thankfully. No, I do so, to make this a spurring on point. The ‘aw shucks drat’ feeling I feel right now reminds me just what my goals and hopes are. Reminds me to be oh so very grateful for the wonderful opportunities I have been given thus far by brilliant people like Cathy Wilmot and Ryan Mooney and Amiel Gladstone. Reminds me to seize hold of those opportunities, to seize hold of the life I want to build here. Because this theatre community is a place I want to call home, goshdarnit. I treasure all of you. You’re good people. And I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with so many of you, hopefully with many, many more grand adventures to come.

So congratulations, my friends, friendly acquaintances, and folks I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, on your fine awards. Ranae Miller! Yay! Cameron Dunster! Huzzah! Dawn Ewen! Fantastic! And to pick one at random, Jacqueline Breakwell! I’m sure you’re a lovely person! And I’m sure you deserve your award as well (even if I wasn’t in town to see the shows you it for).

It’s just an awards show. But awards are important. I think so, anyway. And so are reminders. And this is just a reminder to myself to diem some carpes and so forth.

Tally ho!

Andrew Wade

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State of the Person Address – December 2011

Well, then!

Life has a way of quickly coming to a head. After the madcap rush that was Vancouver Fringe, my life held to a quieter pace afterwards. Working extremely sporadically, the only large project on my plate for a while was A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum. And to be honest, in that timespan… I felt sluggish. Like I wasn’t pressing forward adequately, wasn’t being productive enough to meet my own standards. After that came to a close, I quickly stepped into rehearsals for The Metro’s Christmas Panto (Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves – with our preview on Thursday), but still, my plate was somewhat insubstantial.

Then in the past two weeks… how about a week of full-time training for my new part-time job at Science World, two bike flats, three auditions, two exciting job interviews (including one for voicework on a game), four Fringe Festival draws (none of which chose me, sadly), a ladyfriend event, a trip to Victoria, applications to other auditions, several job shifts after the end of training, and final Panto rehearsals.


This has meant that other enterprises (such as signing up as an extra, finding a film/tv/commercials agent, learning how to drive) have fallen by the wayside for yet longer, at least temporarily, but I have also been pulled through a furious bout of productive and exciting living. So I’m relatively content.

If you know me, you know I prefer a busy, full, active life. 🙂

Here are a few of the projects coming up for me:

Yes, I wear one. Yes, that makes me tickled pink happy.
  • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves – A Christmas Pantomime! – I play Wakey Faker in this silly, funny, family-friendly funtimes pantomime, complete with Dame, singalongs, Oh-No-You-Don’ts, much musical choreography, and an audience encouraged to heckle the actors. Plus, with British parents, I needed to be in at least ONE Panto. Just had to happen. And I get to play a romantic lead! Sort of.

    • Venue: The Metro Theatre.
      The Metro’s Website.
    • Show Dates:
      Evening shows at 7.00 p.m. – Dec 16,17 ,22 ,23 ,26, 27 , 29 , 30 January 2,5,6,7
      Matinee shows at 2.00 p.m. – Dec 17, 18, 26, 27. January 1, 2, 7
Original poster.
  • The Mystery of Edwin Drood – My second foray as an actor with Fighting Chance Productions, and my first chance to work under director Ryan Mooney. Working in the ensemble, I’m sure I’ll grow my choreography skills with this Tony-Award-winning (Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical, Best Original Score, Best Direction of a Musical, Best Performance of a Leading Actor in a Musical – 1985) that comes complete with multiple endings determined by audience vote.

  • Science World part-timery – An incredibly flexible part-time job encouraging curiosity in children and adults in a great working environment. True, it’s minimum wage, but there are far worse ways to earn rent to allow for more theatrical endeavors. So happy to be back. 🙂

    • Venue: Telus World of Science.
    • Show Dates:
      Whenever I’m scheduled!

      I made a graphic for the show! Like it?
  • The Romantics @ The You Show! – The month of May will be a busy one for my script, The Romantics, a winner of the 2011 Vancouver Young Playwrights Award. On May 12th, in Victoria as part of The You Show!, a full-length, two act version will be performed/workshopped, script-in-hand (so, a staged reading, with two or three rehearsals having taken place beforehand).

  • The Romantics @ IGNITE! Youth Festival 2012 – As part of the prize for winning the 2011 Vancouver Young Playwrights’ Award, I get to see the first act performed as a one act play at IGNITE!, full costume, with mentored young actors and director. But before that, I get to be mentored on script edits by Vancouver playwright Amiel Gladstone

  • Sin City Improv – While I’m not in Victoria anymore, I’m hoping to come back and guest-act for an episode or two, if I can, because the show is fantastic, the show is challenging, the show is hilarious, and the people are simply… family.

  • – I’ve been recast after they decided to move their Master Malevolent scene to a better location. But no worries! They are writing me a larger, recurring role that I should do some filming for relatively soon into the new year. The dedication this crew has for this project is nothing short of inspiring. Marvelous people. The website is up now! First episode airing later this month! Check’em out!

  • Clown Doctoring? –  Next month I have an interview to potentially become a clown doctor? Another part-time job, and it’s unlikely I’ll get it (strong competition for limited spots), but too amazing an opportunity not to want to share with you. 🙂
  • Auditions ahoy! – Aaaaand hopefully one of my recent auditions will pan out and become a paying acting opportunity – my first since graduating, outside of Fringe. Thus far, the shows I’ve been doing have been out of the kindness of my hear, for training, and just because while paid opportunities take priority, I would rather act and not be paid than not act at all. 🙂

    • Venue: Vancouver? Victoria? Vancouver Island? Alberta? Toronto? Anywhere!
    • Show Dates:
      Hopefully soon!

My summer is looking rather nebulous, with a string of Fringe Festival rejections (Okay, I just wasn’t picked out of their hats, but they still sting like rejections, a bit). Thus far, I’ve only been accepted into London, Ontario’s and Regina’s Fringe Festivals. Not enough for a tour. Winnipeg chooses next.  Hopefully, one of those paying acting opportunities panning out will make this decision for me, but if not… I need to realistically look at whether or not I would be able to break even on this Fringey endeavor, this year.
I hope to see you at the Panto! Be loud! Be grand! Stay awesome.

Andrew Wade

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