Below are a few plays I have written or co-written. Yes, the full scripts! If you would like to produce any of them yourself, please get in touch with me at actorwade at gmail dot com and we can make it happen!

Andrew Wade


The Romantics

A naive self-tracker prepares for love at first sight. An ex-wife battles with her depression and old memories, personified onstage. Her ex-husband deals with his guilty conscience for having left her. A neurotic, a nostalgic, and a lost soul unwittingly launch themselves into a love triangle.

In The Romantics, three intertwining stories weave around each other as their characters search for love, closure, and new beginnings out of old relationships.


TITUS! The Light and Delightful Musical Comedy of Titus Andronicus!

Shakespeare’s grizzliest play is transformed into its giddiest musical, exploring why violence is so darn entertaining. Young William Shakespeare wants a hit. After cutesy romances and sweeping histories, the young bard is attempting to fold together another blockbuster. He bemoans that no one seems to care for his Titus Andronicus?! It seems the violence is not what people want – or at least they won’t admit it. Perhaps it just needs to be presented a little more lightly and delightfully?

Five Stars! – Vancouver Sun
Pick of the Fringe Award! – Vancouver Fringe Festival


William vs The World

The epic adventure of a geek and his cactus who just want to be left alone.

William has built for himself a perfect fortress of solitude. A dream job at a geek store and all the time he could want to watch superhero cartoons, become the ultimate Dragonborn, and avoid other people. But how will William and Chuck (his cactus) survive when their perfect world collapses?

“Wade is a delight to watch. He’s amusing and shy and profoundly vulnerable” – Saskatoon StarPhoenix
“Great physical comedy and verbal pyrotechnics… real laugh out loud stuff… the audience left with a noticeable buzz – they knew they had seen a great piece of art.” – avenuezone magazine
“If you’re looking to fall in love with an actor, here is the place.” – Wilbur


The Hatter

Who is The Hatter, and how did he become Mad?
The Hatter is the story of a man trying madly to get home. After Alice left Wonderland, The Hatter began to remember the man he once was. And now he needs your help. Join the Hatter’s tea party and see why he fled through the looking glass in this show jammed with storytelling, songs, and an opportunity (if you wish) to BE the Jabberwock. With free tea!

Winner of the People’s Choice Award! – Alberni Valley Fringe Festival
“Wade’s performance is a delight, convincing and poignant.” – Joe Belanger, The London Free Press
”A clear mastery of style and text… The effect is phenomenal.” – Mike Anderson, Mooney on Theatre
“You’d be mad to miss this play. 4.5 / 5 stars!” – Saskatoon StarPhoenix


High School Noir

This is a play I wrote when I was in high school, myself! High School Noir is set in a black and white world of bullies and outcasts, rich students and those struggling to get by. Jack Norton spends his lunch hours inside a janitor’s closet set up to be his office as the school’s one and only private eye. Ever looking for a mystery to solve, ever avoiding the secrets of his own past.