Internet Video Star – Pave the Planet and the Lipdub

Okay, so I’m not quite a star, but it is interesting how certain events come together.

First, the UVic lipdub is put up on the web on Friday, with a brief glimpse of me sharing a romantic moment around 5 minutes, 25 seconds, to 5:30. (This is, happily, part of the brief excerpt CBC News decided to put in its newscast.)

(watch the HD version.)

And then, this weekend, the Dogwood Initiative launches its fake PSA video that I acted for way back in mid-summertime: People for a Paved Planet.

And I get the anchor spot! (the guy who starts it off and ends it.) Yay! Great fun, and an ego-boost, really. I mean, they had every person featured in the video perform every line, and judging by how often you see my shiny face (and hear my still slightly-too-high-pitched-for-my-liking voice), I guess my readings of the lines must have made for a better choice! Yay for validation!

Now I’ve got a hankering to do more filmwork. 🙂

Andrew Wade

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