Beggar’s Opera – Quick Update

Hello all!

I have been trying to get a proper post about Beggar’s Opera out for some time now, but it just hasn’t happened between working every day and performing eight times a week! I would love to inspire you with stories about the wonderful group of actors I have had the pleasure to share the stage with, about how Linden has been a great mentor for me, about the joy of having your own theme song, about SPACETEAM!, about how I see my future self a few years down the line in Gord and Nick as they discuss touring horror stories while sitting backstage with their very pregnant wives, about the kindness that infects the backstage area, about the thrill of going out and performing a show that wants nothing other than to be the most entertaining show on Earth… but there just isn’t time! No time at all! Even now, I steal minutes away from my workplace to ramble as I am!

Only three days remain – we close with a matinee on May 5th! Performance Works! Loving this show so much. I’ll miss these fine folks.



Words of advice from my sister.

you have so much talent and so much quirk, but to own that quirk and talent you need to be confident in it. Ace every audition because you knew you could do it. Be a man that girls want to come to because you are smiling and confident in who you are. You have everything at your feet, it just shys away because you havent graspedd it


Will do.  😉


10 Ways to Andrew Wade’s Heart

Adjusted Lego Heart
Image by Bob.Fornal via Flickr

(1) Playing the Moonlight Sonata on a piano.

(2) Offering large, lengthy, warm hugs.

(3) Singing songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

(4) Passionately pursuing what excites you with a postive, eager nature.

(5) Lego.

(6) An earnest, confident smile.

(7) Writing by hand, and then sending, a letter to me by postal mail.

(8) A sense of wonder – finding ‘WOW!’ moments in everyday life.

(9) Spontaneously improvising characters and scenes with me.


(10) Surgery.

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Poem – Why we’re not together

The speaker in a poem is rarely ever the author themself. Poems are spoken by characters formed by the author, often exaggerations of some element within the author, who often share the same soul as the author, but they are set apart.

And good thing too, for poets are not nearly as articulate as their characters.

Why we’re not together

I envisioned love at first glance:
a daylight dazzle
of truth and beauty and expanse and awe,
so that if our first moment was not perfect,
I could dismiss
the chance of any future flirtation.

I composed courtly love
so I could pursue women like you
as one would pursue the moon, the sun
and the stars,
without any danger
of catching them.

I birthed loving like a brother
to make you my sister,
to surround myself with incestous impossibility.

I chose a career that travels
and breaks us apart with oceans,
that severs us with uncertain years.

I compared you to my failures,
my never-weres, never-to-bes,
shot you with pessimism,
let you down
led you away
turned my head
turned my heart
closed up
closed off

and still,
I miss you.

Courtly Love comes in the basket

by Andrew Wade.

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