The Richmond Review’s 30 under 30

Candace Meyer photo.
Candace Meyer photo.

One reason I keep a blog is to keep people apprised of what’s happening in my life! Unfortunately, when I have the most to say is also when I am busiest, and therefore don’t make enough time to write blog posts, so sometimes awesome events fall through the cracks. Such as this one!

In late February, I was highlighted in The Richmond Review as one of Richmond’s 30 under 30. Every year, they choose thirty notable Richmondites under thirty years old to shine a light on, and this year, I was flattered to be chosen.

Andrew Wade has fingers in acting, stage managing, writing plays, science and even police work.

Wade grew up in Richmond before heading to University of Victoria to complete a degrees in theatre and writing. He’s now back, working part-time at Science World while pursuing his true love of the arts.

In all truth, a lot of the credit for this goes to The Cultch, as last May, as part of their publicity blitz for the IGNITE! Festival, they reached out to Richmond newspapers with fodder for profile stories. My play, The Romantics, was being workshopped as part of the festival. Clearly, Matthew Hoekstra and The Richmond Review remembered me!

Funny thing? Last year, my younger brother was chosen (for biking across the country to raise money for prostate cancer research). So our sister and other brothers have some catching up to do. πŸ˜›

A newspaper article all about me.


I have SO much respect for The Cultch’s publicity people. They do a great job at showcasing the works that go on in that space, they have a good relationship with the media, and… well… they got me an article all about myself in The Richmond Review. Read it here: .

The review itself was done on the phone during my lunch hour at Science World on Wednesday, and it went up online on Thursday (printed in the Friday newspaper over two pages, with TWO photos of me). Good fun. I especially enjoyed this back-and-forth (paraphrased somewhat according to my memory):

Him: “Just out of curiosity, are you somehow related to Adrian Wade?”
Me: “Yes, he’s my dad. And yes, he writes a lot of letters to the paper.”
Him: “And do you have a brother named Sam?”
Me: “Yes, the guy who biked across the country for cancer research.”

So, we have a pretty famous family in free-local-newspaper-profiler circles.

I chose not to let him know that I grew up delivering his competitor’s newspapers for three or four years. πŸ™‚

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