First, some promos:


And now a few reviews on the show!

From the Georgia Straight:

“Confidence and playfulness: under Cathy Wilmot’s direction, the amateur cast of Fighting Chance Productions’ mounting of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is brimming with those qualities. And because the actors are having such a good time, the audience does too. “

The Vancouver Courier:

“The girls are gorgeous; the production values are, well, as Mooney quips during a song that refers to a curtain, “Well, it wasn’t in the budget so you’ll just have to imagine it.” It’s an amateur show, full of enthusiasm and budding talent.”

Review Vancouver:

“…it was obvious the entire company was having a great time performing – flipping, falling, dancing, gyrating, marching, thrusting, and singing their hearts out. The set was impressive, the costumes were a delight, and Dawn Ewen’s choreography was most enjoyable.”

Review From The House:

“From the opening notes of “Comedy  Tonight” the cast throw themselves into the farce with energy and enthusiasm.”

Being Emme:

” I say this performance is heartwarming because the way the cast looks right into the audience’s eyes as they perform this song, with big, warm smiles on their faces — their desire to entertain and make us laugh is so genuine, you can see that it comes from way under their makeup, makeshift ancient Roman wear and glittering false eyelashes.”


Over halfway through the run! See you at the theatre.

Andrew Wade

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