Observations in Kelowna

  • Thunderstorms! Awesome!
  • Fattest rainbow I have ever seen.
  • I suddenly see the aeration benefits of screen doors.
  • Being a gospel singer is still astonishingly fun.
  • Was passed by a pick-up truck with two hollerin’ guys in it, a confederate flag in the back, and two decals: one of a hand giving the middle finger, and another mocking the stick-figure family decals by showing two people… erm… engaged in coitus, with the words ‘makin’ family’. So, stereotypes still exist.
  • I can sing all day long and my voice is fine! Thank you, UVic voice training and the National Voice Intensive!
  • When the weather stays warm all night, it’s amazing how quickly evening time passes.
  • Got home from rehearsal. My billeters weren’t home. Went straight to my room… and all three cats followed. Okaaaaaaay…
  • Dogs make my analytical brain break. Dog approaches, looks expectantly. “Hello, fella! What do you want? Hmm? What, you’re happy now? You just want me to… talk to you? Really? That’s all? Sure you don’t want me to… no, you seem good. Alright then. Erm… hello.”
  • Surrounded by hills, some tree-covered, some not – makes me feel like I’m surrounded by giant tiles from Settlers of Catan, somehow.
  • Apparently it costs 500$ to rent a bike for a month. Five Hundred Dollars. Seriously? Wow.
  • “BURNCo Landscape”. I feel like I already disagree with your business practices.
  • Thunder is SO awesome.

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